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Invest in Real Estate With Confidence

At R. A. Thomas Realty our agents are major assets and resources to both, potential and current investors. Our agents are experienced and knowledgeable to help investors meet their personal and business objectives.

An agent at R. A. Thomas Realty will complete an investment analysis based on potential gross income and estimated expenses of an investment. 

The analysis will provide the investor with visual elements and key ratios to compare the investment with alternatives. This information will identify the positive and negative aspects of the investment. 


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Duties to Expect From Your Agent


R. A. Thomas Realty agents are committed to act solely in the best interest of the client. 


Our agents are dedicated to keep any information confidential that could be harmful to the client.


R. A. Thomas Realty agents are committed to obey all legal instructions of the client.  


Our agents will report any fact or rumor concerning the transaction that might influence the client's decision.

Invest Now, Earn Later

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Investing in real estate can be a very lucrative business. Real estate investors can receive significant rewards such as: passive income, equity buildup, appreciation in value, tax benefits, positive leverage and prestige. 

The ultimate objective for any investor should be the economic soundness of the investment. This concept involves understanding the risk and rewards of the investment. 

Work with our agents to search for, locate and purchase desirable real estate investments. 


Evaluating Investment Properties

Evaluating an investment property begins with analyzing an operating statement that shows annual forecasts of income and expenses. 

Furthermore, required rates of return based on forecasted income, expenses, risk and length of the ownership period are applied to estimate the property value. 

After analyzing an operating statement and rates of return an investor can make an informed decision based on their requirements and a competitive market. 


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