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Why Join R. A. Thomas Realty?

R. A. Thomas Realty is the Nation's Fastest Growing Independent-Based Real Estate Brokerage. You will have the opportunity to enhance your career and build your business. Join our global family and learn more about how we lead our agents with first-class training, strategic partnership and equity awards. 

R. A. Thomas

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is clear: to promote the success of CLIENTS and EMPLOYEES - one house, community and one generation at a time.

To achieve our mission, we hire individuals who reflect our organization's core values found in R.E.A.L.T.Y. 


Treat others how you want to be treated. 

Is not a skill, it is reflected in one's behavior. 



Account for your actions, responsibilities and goals. 


Develop, inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential. 

Communicate and work together to achieve the goal. 



Have fun, laugh and live life to the fullest.

Agent Benefits 









Remote Work Anywhere, Anytime

Virtual Work Environment.webp

Agents are offered the freedom and flexibility of working remotely, where they feel safe and most productive. Our virtual work environment enable agents to collaborate and connect from any location in the world. 

While traditional work arrangements mean coming into an office everyday, remote agents perform their jobs from off-site locations, using digital collaboration and communication tools, document sharing, and other functions to bring the office to them. 

Working remotely save enormous amounts of time and money, by taking the commute out of the equation, can improve work-life balance and overall happiness. 

Basic and Advanced Individual Training 

R. A. Thomas Realty basic training is your introduction to the real estate industry where you learn methods, gain the education and specialty knowledge of a real estate agent. 

During Basic, agents learn agency law, code of ethics, how to work with sellers, buyers and businesses in a real estate transaction. After agents graduate from basic, agents will undergo another phase of training known as Advanced Individual Training (AIT). 

AIT is where the agent learn the skills and responsibilities to perform as a real estate agent of running their business. Agents also gain the discipline and work ethic to build a successful real estate career and live a great life.

Basic and Advance Individual Training.webp

Dynamic Tools and Resources 

KV Core Platform.png

R. A. Thomas Realty provides agents with innovative tools, resources and systems to grow a successful business.


This includes lead generation, content marketing tools, customer relationship management software, paperless transaction technology and optional advertising support. 

Agents can promote, grow and manage their business through these platforms to build careers worth having. 

Agent Financial Benefits 

Our business model rewards agents by increasing their revenue and decreasing their operating expenses. We are one brokerage which means agents do not have NO franchise, royalty or desk fees. Agents retain 80-100% of their commissions from their sales. 

At R. A. Thomas Realty our revenue share plan is another financial benefit that rewards current agents they sponsor into the company.


Revenue share is paid by R. A. Thomas Realty and is NOT deducted from an agent commission. 

Financial Benefits.webp

Agent Equity Awards

Additional Agent Benefits.webp

R. A. Thomas Realty offers every agent with special benefits and opportunities to earn equity in the company and enjoy the company's financial success.


 Agent can earn equity in any transaction as well as the opportunity to earn retirement income. 

Join a global family of agents and partners who are thriving in their business, career and earnings. 

 Commission Split and Cap Policy  


Every agent is on a 80/20 split; the agent receives 80% and the remaining 20% goes to the broker. 


All agents who contribute a low $16,000 will receive 100% of their commission for the remainder of their anniversary date. 


 The benefits of R. A. Thomas Realty commission split allows all agents to take home more money and invest in their future.

Become an Agent 

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"R. A. Thomas Realty is the future of real estate for agents who want to build their business and their future. This is a brokerage where Agents can advance."


R. A. Thomas Realty - 5-Star Reviews.png

Sheldum Fields


"The training, technology and agents benefits are phenomenal. The leadership team are always available, you are never alone."

R. A. Thomas Realty - 5-Star Reviews.png

Tony Mark


  • Is R. A. Thomas Realty a good option for new agents?
    R. A. Thomas Realty have a training program for new agents which is divided in two parts: Basic Agent Training (BAT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT).
  • Can my team or brokerage join R. A. Thomas Realty?
    Yes, agents, teams, domestic couple teams and independent brokerages are joining R. A. Thomas Realty.
  • Can you brand yourself with R. A. Thomas Realty?
    At R. A. Thomas Realty, our agents determine the look and feel of their own brand.
  • Is being a real estate agent worth it?
    Working as a real estate agent can be financially rewarding and satisfying. However, it involves dedication and hard work like with anything else. A career in real estate requires a persistent efforts to earn business, promote yourself, handling legal paperwork and more.
  • How can I request more information / join R. A. Thomas Realty?
    Call us today at (888) 732-5892 to talk to a sponsor in your local area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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