Emergency Services & Restoration 

Your urgency is our emergency, 24/7 Emergency Service!

R. A. Thomas Realty is built on preparedness and rapid response, when emergencies happen, your first priority is taking control to restore your home. Damage from a Hurricane? Wind damage? Water pipe burst? Fire damage? Whatever the emergency, our affiliated General Contractors, is ready to deploy day or night, 24/7 to make emergency repairs. 

Emergency Damage 

  • Earthquake damage – Inspect, repair and restore earthquake damaged property, including foundations and structural integrity. 

  • Fire damage – Mitigate and restore fire-damaged property, including smoke damage. 

  • Hail damage – Repair roofing, siding, windows and more when the skies open up.

  • Water damage – Restore and mitigate in the wake of flooding and severe storms. The restoration experts have the know-how to deal with mold, mildew and structural damage caused by water. 

  • Wind damage – Stabilize and repair homes in the wake of tornadoes and hurricanes and other wind emergencies. 

R. A. Thomas Realty OnCall emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

R. A. Thomas Realty OnCall

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